Originally built in 1758 as Fort Schuyler, Utica’s history precedes the Declaration. It was established as a city in 1832 shortly after the arrival of the Erie canal. The Canal made transporting goods far more efficient than bringing them up the Mohawk River and Utica flourished. The railroad was built quickly thereafter in 1839 originally following the canal and passing through Rome before continuing through the Mohawk Valley and arriving in Syracuse. The railroad system is still in good condition and brings people to Utica from as far as Boston and NYC.

Many of Utica's historic buildings are still maintained and used offering a tangible experience of our history. From the FX Matt Brewery, established in 1888, where Saranac beer is still brewed and shipped across the country to the Stanley Theater, built in 1928 by Thomas Lamb. featuring unique Mexican Baroque architecture, Utica’s history is still alive and well.