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In the Mohawk Valley and Utica area.

21 Jun, 2017

My Story Grace Sleys graduated from the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage where she studied a number of sciEences including Myology -(the study of muscles and their function) as well as specific techniques for postural assessment and rehabilitation, Trigger point therapy, and a variety of eastern modalities such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Acupressure. "I always knew I wanted to be a care giver in some capacity and while I thought about becoming a nurse or physical therapist (both professions I highly respect), I was hesitant to get involved with the bureaucracy. My passion is to work within an environment …

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05 Aug, 2016

To help you have the best experience when you come to the Rosemont, we regularly go out into the community and try the new food offerings. Today we went to Sweet Escapes Chocolate Lounge. We were looking for a new place to have a business meeting. Life at the Inn has been very busy with guests, construction projects and room updates so we decided chocolate and tea would be the perfect antidote! Peppermint, Strawberry, Lemon as well as Cognac with Ginger truffles are the flavors we experienced along with our mugs of chai tea. All of the truffles were excellent …

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Founded in 1919, MWPAI continues to evolve while maintaining traditions of fine art and culture. The Museum of Art features a renowned permanent collection, fascinating exhibitions and education for all ages. This is a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon while you are visiting the area or the city of Utica. I chose this picture because it shows not only the beautiful interior of MWPAI but also the beautiful diversity of the people who call Utica their home. The Museum of Art's permanent collection of more than 15,000 objects originated in the taste and interests of …

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