After 11 years of running a family business with 6 young children, 2016 is the year that my two eldest daughters are becoming assistant innkeepers! Bob continues to help out in the behind-the-scenes operations but most of his time is now devoted to custom programming for a local insurance company. The Rosemont Inn is officially my responsibility with lots and lots of help from AnnaRose and Grace.

What can you expect in future services? In reviewing the past, it has become clear that everything we do and are interested in revolves around Health and Wellness--local and organic food, relationship coffee, whole leaf tea, fitness, outdoor activities, art, non-toxic cleaners, strong family ties, serving others. We want to share more of these things with you, our past and future guests.

Stay tuned for more information on our expanded breakfast service, therapeutic massage and aromatherapy as well as opportunities to learn some of our "trade secrets" like how to make fantastic coffee, the best gluten-free pancakes, remove any kind of laundry stain and so much more. Thanks for supporting us in our crazy journey!

Your faithful servant,