Millar Wheeler House


The three-story Inn was built in 1866 as a home and business offices for wealthy industrialist Charles Millar, who owned Utica Pipe Foundry Company, Lead Pipe Works and other important ventures. The house was constructed by Ambrose Howard, who was both a contractor and nurseryman. When the construction was completed, Howard planted many unusual plants, shrubs and trees on the property. Many of these plants continue to grow and thrive to the present day to provide beautiful flowers and welcome shade.

It is believed that a daughter of Charles and Jane Millar was married to one of the sons of General William T. Sherman and that the, inventor Thomas Edison and President William Howard Taft were guests at the home.

The Millars lived in the home until 1912. It was then given to one of the married daughters and became the home of the Wheeler family. Borders were taken in to help defray costs until finally the house was converted to apartments in 1942. Frances Wheeler continued to reside here and rent out apartments until the 1970’s.

By 1977 the beautiful structure had fallen into disrepair and was scheduled to be demolished. The newly formed Landmarks Society of Utica had their first meeting right here at 1423 Genesee and were successful in stopping the destruction of this fine example of Italianate Victorian architecture. Over the next 2 decades, the building was used as business offices.

Restoration & Establishment of Rosemont Inn B&B


In 1997, Bob and Brenda Michaels purchased the home with the hope of creating a bed and breakfast. It took 15 months of intensive restoration efforts to repair and update everything from plaster moldings to new plumbing and electrical systems. Both were avid antique collectors and enjoyed purchasing and placing many fine pieces throughout the Inn. The Michaels opened the Inn for business in 1998.

Rosemont Inn B&B Open Year Round

1998-Present Day

In 2004, Rita and Bob Sleys purchased the Inn from the Michaels and continue to operate it as a seven room bed and breakfast.