Non-toxic cleaners, natural bath amenities and toxin-free lawn and garden care are staples of what we do and who we are here at the Rosemont Inn, a luxury boutique hotel. We love “clean” in all its many forms and know from years of experience that there is no need to use toxic, harmful and destructive chemicals to achieve this goal. In fact, we have learned that using “green” and “non-toxic” products can often result in an even cleaner and more comfortable space because there are no lingering perfumes and scents.

In the Inn

What is the smell of clean? Nothing! All of our cleaners have no scents, dyes or harsh chemicals added. This is true for our laundry detergents, our spray cleaners and our bathroom amenities. White vinegar is a superior rinsing agent in the laundry and makes glass sparkle without leaving any plastic residues. Without fabric softener, our towels are super absorbent as well as soft and fluffy. Our made-in-America oxygen bleach cleans and freshens laundry without destroying the local waterways. Green cleaners are not only good for the environment, they are good for us as guests and business owners.

In the Bath

South of France provides hand soaps. Shampoo, body wash and conditioner comes from Sitronu. All of these products are made with care in small batches and support family owned businesses like our own. While our cleaning products are non-scented, our hand soaps come in a variety of wonderful naturally derived scents. Rose, lemon verbena, lavender and jasmine are some of our favorites.

In the Yard

Our green practices continue to our outside spaces as well. We compost all of our organic food scraps and use the resulting “black gold” to feed our growing number of flowers and shrubs. Only organic fertilizers are used to keep our plants growing. Gardens Alive has been our favorite supplier of these for many years. Their products are so clean and green, they are safe for animals and humans to eat! Weeds and other invasive plants are controlled by hand pulling or mowing, never sprayed with any kind of killing chemicals. In fact, we do not use any pest control sprays, conventional or organic. We generally like insects and try to live in peace with them. Those few that must be managed for the good of all are trapped in some way, be it fly-paper, soapy water cups or scent traps.

Thank you!

When you choose to stay with us at our small, family owned, boutique hotel you are also choosing to care for the local environment. Supporting us, in turn, supports all of the green companies with whom we carefully and consciously choose to shop. Every choice we make, no matter how small, makes an impact on our own local surroundings. We thank you for helping us do our part.