Our Vision

We are committed to the growth and revitalization of Utica’s downtown, its Historic Districts and its multi-cultural diversity. We recognize and embrace the concept that progress comes one property and one business at a time. Most importantly, we believe that the Rosemont Inn is not only an important property from Utica's past but that it can be a catalyst to its future.

Giving Back

A Mother’s Rest

Since January of 2018, we have partnered with A Mother’s Rest to provide loving and compassionate respite care for mothers of children with special needs. For 4 days and 3 nights, these hard-working and dedicated women can have someone pampering and serving them. In addition to well deserved and needed rest, this time provides an opportunity to connect with others who share their experience. During their time here, these women share their sorrows and joys, frustrations and triumphs, remembering that they are more than caregivers and reconnecting with who they are as women. We take the opportunity to remind them that their children have value, they have value and the work that they do is important, it is a form of “serving the least of these.” We have watched these women literally transform from stressed, tense and frazzled when they arrive on Friday evening, to relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to return to their lives and families on Monday morning with a renewed sense of their own value and purpose.

To us, the essence of hospitality is to help our guests have time and space to separate from the stress of their everyday commitments. We strive to show this hospitality to both our guests and our surrounding community.

Street side Garden project

Sometimes the simplest things provide the most impact. When our sign needed to be replaced, we decided that we would also add a 15x30 foot raised garden bed to increase the visibility. Little did we know that we would also be blessing and encouraging the many residents of our neighborhood who walk by each day. Many times when we are out there tending the roses and the lilies, we have the opportunity to hear about how the beauty that we have added impacts people. Many say they are cheered and encouraged by the bright colors and light fragrance of the flowers. It is a happy moment in what might be a difficult day.

Looking foreword

Nurses Candlelight Park gardening project

We are currently working with the City of Utica to become one of the sponsors of the city park directly across from our front yard. While the city does basic maintenance, there are no additional funds or work hours for actually tending to and beautifying the many garden beds. Our hope is to add perennial and annual flowers to what is already there to create an inviting, relaxing and unifying space that will bring people of diverse economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds together. Working together toward a common goal can bring out the best in all of us.