Come celebrate breakfast at the Rosemont Inn!
Indulge in a four course breakfast served in our dining room between the hours of 8:00 and 9:30.

Breakfast begins with our organic fair trade freshly roasted and ground House Blend Coffee, loose leaf teas, and a choice of chilled juices. A seasonal fruit course follows, typically fresh Minted Pineapple, Banana Crunch Parfait, or Cardamom Applesauce in Autumn and Winter, Honeydew Blueberry Salad or Peach Parfait with Yogurt and our famous Granola in Spring and Summer.

Next, always made from scratch and fresh from the oven may come our Signature Muffins, (made from fresh ground whole wheat flour in a variety of flavors), rich cream scones, or maybe a flaky rose-shaped apple puff pastry.

Finally, you will be served a hot and healthy entree such as Zucchini Frittata, Belgian Rose Bouquet Waffles or a variety of omelets. House-made chicken sausage or local nitrate-free bacon may also be served.

All of our breads come from a local bakery, all baked goods are made from scratch using fresh, local and wholesome ingredients, most notably, local grass-fed butter or olive oil.

Healthy and delicious happily coexist at every breakfast we serve!

21 Dec, 2015

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Rita Sleys


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